Debi D'Apice

Disrtict Chairman: 

NED: Stephanie Furano

NWD: Elaine Altstaetter 

SED: Stephaine Rouse 

SWD: Rae Jane Araujo

LED: No Chairman 

Remember Rosie the Riveter? Women worked in factories and shipyards during WWII and Rosie the Riveter’s story can be easily related to the suffragists’ struggle that got us the right to vote on August 18th 1920, 100 years ago. Ladies, We Can Do It!! They did it then and we are still doing it now.


We Can feed the hungry by volunteering our time at food banks, donate food, set up a free pantry.

We Can teach our children about American heritage.

We Can celebrate patriotism.

We Can encourage women to run for public office.

We Can have projects that benefit homeless women veterans.

We Can invite men and women returning from service to speak at a club meeting.

We Can support Fisher House foundation at www.fisher

We Can support the GFWC Ohio Memorial Shrine through donations and purchasing pavers.

We Can promote Trick or Treat safety and organize a Trunk or Treat.

We Can encourage “Neighborhood Watch” groups in your community.

We Can get involved in National Night Out events at

We Can sponsor a program or class on women’s safety and self-defense.

We Can support “Stars for our Troops at Become a star maker.

We Can donate “Mommy bags” to a military hospital for new mothers who are veterans. Contents could be lotion, bath gel, nail polish, stationary cards.

We Can make up “Thank you your bill has been paid” cards. Then give them to your club members who in turn give them to soldiers in restaurants after they have paid the soldiers’ bill.

We Can help someone study for the U.S. Citizenship test. You could test your Clubwomen on their knowledge of Civics at

We Can organize and host a health fair in your community.

We Can take advantage of the resources available at the League of Women Voters

We Can donate and support the USO’s activities in support of US troops around the world.

We Can support the only charity providing adaptive clothing for the military at

We Can support United through Reading military program by donating $10 so deployed parents can videotape reading a book for their child. All materials are supplied by the USO


Ladies, we can do it. We can do it together.