Junior Chairman: 
Disrtict Chairman: 

Lisa Waitkus     

NED: Pam Vines 

NWD: No Chairman 

SED: Patty Walls 

SWD: Carol Stivers 

LED: Penny Speyer 

Objective: Educate GFWC/OFWC members, communities and youth about the importance of conservation issues on a local and global level. Motivate club and community members to take action to make our community and world a better place, recycle in all aspects of our lives and conserve our natural resources.

Goal:   To make our community and world a better place

  • Plant trees and green areas to help the environment

  • Plant native species for beautification and restoration of land and waterways

  • Plant flowers for libraries, parks, government buildings or cutting gardens to share

  • Start a Community Garden and share produce with homeless shelters and food pantries

  • Encourage everyone, especially youth, to garden in the community

  • Organize or participate in clean up days in your community

  • Plant a butterfly garden to protect our environment


Goal:  Recycle & reuse in as many ways as possible

  • Promote curb side recycling and use of reusable bags for all shopping

  • Promote hazardous and household product disposal items, such as, paint, batteries, electronics and fluorescent light bulbs

  • Donate cell phones and clothing to shelters and eye glasses to Lions Clubs

  • Participate in pull tab collections for Ronald McDonald House

  • Recycle and share books/magazines with friends, doctor’s offices and nursing homes

  • Collect gentle worn shoes and sneakers for shelters and


Goal:  Preserve our natural resources

  • Educate and promote learning in your community regarding natural resources, such as, rain barrels

  • Learn and practice conservation measures regarding resources, such as, water, oil, gas and coal

  • Preserve Ohio wetlands and habitats to protect wildlife from pollinates

  • Invite experts to speak at club meetings ie: Agricultural centers, master gardeners and garden clubs

  • Organize, promote and participate in old medication and used needle collections


Important Dates:   March 22 – World Day for Water; April – Keep America Beautiful Month;

April 22 – Earth Day; 4th Friday in April – Arbor Day;  June 5 – World Environmental Day;              

Third week in June – National Pollinator Week; November 15 – America Recycles Day


GFWC Conservation Partnerships 

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