Education And Libraries

Community Service Program  


District Chairmen: 

Junior Chairman: 

Evelyn Bachman

Stephanie Furano

LED: Joyce Bates 

NED: Sue Smith 

SED: Pat Ketzell 

SWD: Druann Kenrick

NWD: Mary Ann Jung 



• Life-long Learning for members and the community (holding seminaries on topics of interest)

• Writing articles for local papers, GFWC< GFWC Ohio, internet, essay contests (local & Federation)

• Support the club’s local scholarship programs and GFWC Ohio scholarships

• Help local schools with needed supplies, bond issues, run for school board, being an aid, and offer to be a tutor etc.

• Informing members and the community about GFWC and GFWC Ohio

• Sponsor an event on how to write a book and get it published





• Use of the local library by every club member having a library card and tour the local library

• Join Friends of the library (club and members)

• Support the local library by donations of books and supplies, run a program, and help with levies

• Join ESO (encourage all club members to join.) See pages in directory on ESO

• Create a club reading group if you do not have one

• Distribute books throughout your community to shelters, schools, nursing homes, etc.

• Encourage local authors by having an event

• Participate in Library/ESO Book Bingo

• Support events at the local library

• Establish/Support a little free library



PROMOTE GETTING A GED (General Education Diploma or High School Equivalency Certificate):

A $500.00 award to the club that establishes and carries out an on-going program to help adults in their community to secure a GED. The award will be granted at the 2022 Convention. The detailed plan must be submitted by February 15, 2022, with the idea that other clubs may use the ideas. Submission are to be sent via email or postal mail to Evelyn Bachman, 139 Wolfly, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402.


This submission should be no more than ten (10) pages in length and should contain a plan for help other clubs establish a plan to promote GED’s. Supporting references/materials may be included. This is a submission separate from the Narrative Report form. Submissions should be double-spaced Times New Roman 12. Submissions will not be returned. Clubs should keep a copy of the entry for future reference. DO NOT send submissions to GFWC as this is a GFWC Ohio award.



Clubs: A $50.00 prize to the club in each membership category who has the largest percentage of membership who participate in Library/ESO Book Bingo. The club member must have bingo down , a cross or diagonal. Cards are due March 1, 2021 and March 1, 2022 to Evelyn Bachman 139 Wolfly, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402


Members: Submitting their bingo cards will be entered in drawing at the 2021 and 2022 conventions for book related prizes. For those who submit bingo cards complete filled out (cover all). There will be a special drawing and one member will receive the book woman necklace. Cards /form due to Evelyn Bachman, 139 Wolfly, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 by March 1, 2021 and March 1, 2022. They may also be submitted via email to

Note: Members must enter each year with a new bingo card


GFWC CREATIVE AWARD-- $50.00 to one club in the nation for project creativity and $50.00 to one club in the nation for project creativity for ESO.


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