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Epsilon Sigma Omicron(ESO) 


Vice President/Reading Chairman:




GFWC Ohio’s Alpha Delta chapter of ESO is part of a structured reading program designed to provide clubwomen with encouragement and direction in self-fulfillment and personal growth. It is a non-social educational sorority, open to any per capita member of GFWC Ohio. Meetings are held annually at GFWC and GFWC Ohio Conventions and are open to members, pledges and guests.


JOIN by submitting $3.00 (per administration) along with the requested enrollment information to Barbara Whitaker.


LEARN through books, audio and video materials, continuing education classes, college courses, spiritual study courses, educational television, and computer-generated study (distance learning). Suggested reading lists are available from GFWC, but materials not on the list are accepted. Lists from other chapters and previous years may be used, as may lists from other sources such as a local library or book store. The only limitation is that the material be of some educational value and not solely for entertainment. Novels are accepted if they demonstrate research by the author into geography, a profession or skill, social behavior or culture.


REPORT on the completed materials to Sharon Pervo via postal mail or email using the report form found on the GFWC Ohio website or in The Directory. The brief report should contain the following information: Name, address, club name, district, title of the material, author(s), year reporting and the GFWC Community Service Programs (CSP) or Committee in which the book belongs. The body of the report should include the kind of material (fiction, biography, etc.), a brief statement of what the material is about and the participant’s opinion of the material.


MEMBER level is obtained after reading 16 books, 4 in each of 4 CSPs. Please report all books in a CSP together until full membership is obtained. Until then the person is considered a Pledge. Once the Membership level is obtained, reports may be submitted individually. The reports accrue year to year and count to future levels of achievement: Star, Torch and the Century awards. ESO jewelry and certificates are available through Sharon Pervo. Membership is achieved at the individual’s own pace, using materials of personal interest.


CLUBS benefit not only from a better educated member but can report the hours spent in the initiation and administration of ESO activities and hours spent in discussion groups in organizing ESO publicity. Clubs may NOT report the hours spent in coursework, reading or reporting.


ESO Reading Groups may be formed within a club and can be a wonderful membership recruitment and retention tool. These groups usually meet outside of regular club meeting time and discuss a study done as a group or share the latest studies the members have completed individually. There is a GFWC ESO Reading Group on Facebook and members are welcome to join.


ESO is also working with the Ohioana Library to complete the collection of The Buckeye Magazines held in the library’s archives and bind them into hardback editions. Updates on the progress and items needed to complete the project will be shared with the membership.




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