District Chairmen: 

SWD: Harriett Groh 

SED: Linda Nolf

NED: Renee Maiorca 

NWD: Lynette Rosebrook 

LED: Jeannie chaney

Objective:  To positively affect the well-being of individuals, families, and communities by providing opportunities that promote a healthy lifestyle; increase awareness, prevention, and treatment of disease; target personal development; address issues of hunger, inadequate housing; homelessness; and/or prevent financial difficulties.


Goal: Promote Healthy Lifestyles

  • Plan programs on Women’s Heart Health

  • Organize or participate in health fair

  • Start or join an exercise group/ Initiate a weight loss challenge

  • Incorporate fitness activities into club activities such as “Sit and Be Fit”


Goal: Help the Elderly, Disabled, and Homeless 

  • Host Bingo games or sing-a-longs at local nursing homes

  • Collect food or help stock shelves for local food banks

  • Collect personal care items for women’s shelters

  • Organize clothing drives for homeless shelters

  • Volunteer at fundraising events that provide support services for mental health facilities


Goal: Prevent Financial Difficulties 

  • Hold financial workshops for women, retirees, or single parents

  • Offer workshops on protecting yourself from identity theft

  • Have an investment firm give a talk at a club meeting

  • Hold workshops on stress management or time management

  • Encourage members to go back to school or to take a class for fun

GFWC Home Life Partnerships 

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