Sharon Sheridan

Junior Chairman

Linda Jones

District Chairmen 

LED: Gretchen Bailey

NED: Pam Vines 

NWD: Kathy Helm 

SED: Rose Logston 

SWD: Harriet Groh and Venita Platt  

Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders. ~Tom Peters


OBJECTIVE: To empower and mentor fellow clubwomen to become our future leaders.


PLAN OF ACTION: In the world of Bees…Without pollination, plants cannot create seeds for future growth…this mirrors the same with mentoring members to grow our future leaders. This wouldn’t be possible without “pollination” ~ dropping seeds of kindness, inspiration, positivity, empowerment, etc…What's all the BUZZ about? How can you make a difference??


Bee the one that changes the future by mentoring members and creating leaders.

Bee Kind                                          Bee Confident                                         Bee Happy

Bee Strong                                      Bee Inspiring                                           Bee Grateful

Bee Resilient                                   Bee Positive                                            Bee Humble


Leadership Traits that are BEE-coming

BEE a Role Model - Lead by example, Support members, Are charismatic & positive

BEE Inspiring - Create a vision, Aim towards Goals, Direct emotions, Energize members

BEE Empowering - Help members grow; Build teams, Leverage diversity, Create unity


ATTITUDE is the energy source for Mentoring & Growth

A – Always Greet your Members

T – Treat your Members with Respect

T – Talk and Chat to your Members

I – Interact with Members in a Relaxed Way

T – Turn up to Meetings with a Positive Attitude

U – Understand your Members Needs

D – Discover the Impact you have around your Members

E – Excite your Members about GFWC


Focus on Strengths ~ Not Weaknesses ~ Collectively Accomplish Much Together