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Debbie D'Apice

queen bee.jpg

Junior Chairman

District Chairmen 

LED: Gretchen Bailey 

NED:  Linda Jones 

NWD: Kathy Helm

SED: Kayla Johnson  

SWD: Carol Christy   


  1. There are different styles of leadership. Organizations with strength-based programs succeed because they engage their members.

  2. Focus on what you are already good at.

  3. Uncover the potential within.

  4. Good leaders help their members succeed.

  5. Give everybody a chance to shine, encourage them.

  6. A great leader doesn’t just give orders, but she listens to different points of view to accomplish the task at hand.  She will engage with others and establish a plan that is easily understood by all.


Together Everyone Achieves More!!!


  1. The advantages of membership shall consist of women’s clubs, direct members and other organizations whose work and purpose are germane to the objects of GFWC/OFWC clubs.

  2. Membership is being part of a world-wide volunteer movement of women working together to better the lives of countless men, women and children all over the world.

  3. Remember, you can’t reach too many people!  Use social media.



  1. The most significant benefit of belonging to a GFWC Ohio club is support, encouragement, enthusiasm, comfort and friendship.



  1. Fellowship is first and foremost a relationship, rather than an activity.  You get together with people that share the same interest as you.  It is a friendly association especially with people of common goal, like bees in a hive.







The word hive is a verb that means to move together as one.  Much like Federation!  Honest communication is at the heart of the team.  Bees use vibration and pheromones to help pass messages.  We have so much technology today to help us communicate.  We should constantly be changing and looking toward the future.   The leader is truly the servant of all.  We think of the queen bee as the leader, when in truth the queen is the servant of the team, laying eggs to ensure the future of the hive. 

It's the team behaving as one, in pursuit of a common goal that brings success.  One favorite fact is when they perform, think and act as one they accomplish great things.




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