Stephanie Rouse

Junior Chairman

Janice Jarvis

Unlocking Possibilities 

District Chairmen 

LED: Judy Daykin

NED: Peggy Bennet

NWD: Lin Wilken 

SED: Rose Longston 

SWD: Billie Howard and Mary Cooper 

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” – Ronald Reagan

OBJECTIVE: To develop leadership skills in our members.
Our members have, and are the keys to developing and securing the leadership for our future. By sharing and using our leadership keys, we become stronger leaders, we accomplish more, and we secure the future of our Federation.

RATIONALE: Some people believe that leaders are born with leadership qualities. However, leadership skills can be taught, learned and used by most individuals. Leaders inspire others, they have a vision of the future, they are positive thinkers, and they bring out positive skills in others. Often times our club members are hesitant to take on leadership roles because they believe they are lacking the knowledge and skills to perform the duties of the role. We as an organization must provide the tools and opportunities for our members to develop and test their leadership skills. Knowledge of the Federation will help to create a passion within the individual and result
in engagement and retention in the organization.

ACTION PLAN: K.E.Y.S. to Unlocking Leadership Possibilities.
K: KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge is crucial to the success of a club or an organization. It is difficult for members to follow a plan if they have little knowledge of the organization or do not know where or how they fit in the organization. When members do not know what the organization has to offer, they can’t be passionate about the organization and therefore, will not engage in the activities of the organization.

  • Develop and share leadership material through the use of the GFWC Leadership Advancement Guide, GFWC Ohio website, other leadership websites, books and seminars on Leadership Development.

  • Develop officer and chairmen notebooks with job descriptions, calendars and budgets for their areas.

  • Have current and new officers meet to turnover notes and share recommendations for the new officer/chairmen.

  • Orient officers and chairmen to the notebooks and how to use them.

  • Develop a Mentoring Program for new and old officers and committee chairmen

  • Develop an Officer Orientation for new and old officers and committee chairmen.

  • Develop shadow or assistantship opportunities for those new to positions.

  • Educate members about, and nominate a member for the GFWC Jennie Award.

  • Educate all club members about the GFWC L.E.A.D.S. Program and share the application with them.

  • Utilize the past GFWC L.E.A.D.S. Graduates to assist with leadership training

E: EVERYONE. Include all members (everyone) in the discussions about new projects. Ask for input from members. Every member has something of value to contribute to the organization. Contributing members tend to feel passionate about projects they are involved in and tend to be more engaged with the organization.

  • Ask members how they would set up a new project or improve a current project

  • Listen more. Talk less.

  • Foster open communication between individuals and group/committees.

  • Encourage collaboration.

  • Encourage members to sit with someone they do not know at meetings.

  • Encourage all members to apply to be the next Ohio L.E.A.D.S. Candidate

Y: YES. Say “yes” to new ideas. Give members the opportunity to share their ideas and
develop their own new and exciting projects. Say “yes” to new ideas for old projects. Say “yes”
to allowing members to assist each other.

  • Clearly assign responsibility and accountability for tasks and decisions.

  • Delegate routine and challenging tasks. Say “yes” to others taking on new roles.

  • Appoint a Leadership Chairman for your club. Encourage your Leadership Chairman to communicate with their District and State Leadership Chairmen.

  • There is no need or purpose to be negative in your comments to members. Work

  • on the art of rephrasing with a positive slant.

  • Acknowledge the value of long-term projects as you retire them for new project

S: SPOTLIGHT. Spotlight your members and their successes. Remember to give praise and
appreciation for jobs well done. Praise and appreciation build interpersonal connections and
strengthens teamwork. Praise helps members to realize that they can be successful and makes
them more apt to take on new leadership roles.

  • Give praise and appreciation at club meetings, in club newsletter or social media.

  • Send thank you notes to members in appreciation of their efforts.

  • Develop a “Pat on the Back” or recognition program.

  • Thank You Tuesdays. Call someone and thank them for doing a great job.

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