Eileen Frost


District Chairmen

NED: Janie Surman

NWD: No Chairman 

SED: Linda Nolf

SWD: Bridget Murphy 

LED: Jeannie Chaney 


The Health and Wellness Community Service Program objective is to improve well being by addressing nutrition, disease prevention and physical & emotional care. Your club is asked to explore opportunities for awareness and advancement of these areas in and outside of your community.


Nutrition: Look for ways to improve knowledge of nutrition as well as access to nutritional foods. Some examples of activities may include:

Hold a fundraiser to benefit Heifer International

Promote Eat Smart for a Health Heart – consider a cooking demo or tasting

Incorporate fitness activities into club and community

Develop or help to support a community garden

Encourage club members to plant a garden for fresh vegetables for their own families

Conduct a food drive with emphasis on healthy foods for area food banks


Disease Prevention: Expand the knowledge of club members and the community regarding activities to help prevent disease or improve state of health to slow or prevent disease progression.

Some activities could include:

Understanding what the role is of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Celebrate Heart Health Month utilizing information from The Heart Truth site

Utilize the campaign “Inside Knowledge” to promote awareness about Gynecologic Cancers

Hold a fundraiser raiser for St. Jude Children’s Hospital Participate in St. Jude Walk/Run event in your area

Support education addressing importance of Vaccine administration/Shot@Life


Physical and Emotional Care: Promote activities and resource knowledge surrounding not only physical health but also emotional/mental health.

Some activities for consideration:

Emergency Medical information Forms

Health Care Power of Attorney Information

Provide programs which address improved self-worth and self-esteem

Hold and event to draw attention to Preventing Child Abuse

Conduct activities to improve Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

Increase awareness of Mental Health resources in your community