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Debbie Weaver


District Chairmen

NED: Eileen Frost 

NWD:  Marie Johnson 

SED: Luann Swallie 

SWD: Phyllis Robertson 




The Health and Wellness Community Service Program objective is to improve wellbeing by addressing nutrition, disease prevention and physical & emotional care.  Your club is asked to explore opportunities for awareness and advancement of these areas in and outside of your community.


So, let’s Get Fit Within our Communities – fit in body, in mind, and in spirit. Educate, practice, and promote the three fundamental areas of this Community Service Program.


This Community Service Program aims to explore the various opportunities for awareness and advancement of each of these vital areas:

 • Disease awareness and prevention is the knowledge of the factors that cause a disease (including social determinants and health inequity), the symptoms, and the ways to prevent it. This is to include screenings, vaccinations, and shared information.


 • Nutrition is a key element in the quest for good health. Wise food choices, proper usage of vitamins and supplements, and food allergy awareness help maintain a healthy lifestyle free of weakened conditions and chronic illness.


 • Physical and emotional care encompasses behaviors to manage a healthy body, mind, and spirit throughout life. This includes physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and social wellbeing.


Regular physical activity – aerobic, muscle strengthening, and balance training – is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Regardless of age, abilities, ethnicity, shape, or size everyone can experience the benefits of physical activity. Considering the facts provided, GFWC clubs are encouraged to plan a year-long project that will promote physical activity for any age group.


• Partner with a home improvement store and other service organizations such as a Lions Club or Boy Scouts to purchase and build playground equipment for a shelter or special needs facility.


  • Partner with a sports store to provide fitness apparatus for a senior center or nursing home and sponsor classes in their use.

• Plan a fitness trail in your community.


• Partner with a shopping mall to sponsor walking clubs which include weekly or monthly physical fitness and nutrition presentations.


• Work with local schools to implement the Presidential Youth Fitness Program in their curriculum.


So, let’s Get Fit Within our Communities. Give and get that glimmer and glow that a physical fitness activity will add to life.

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