Mary Beth Allan 



Junior Chairman

Pam Vines

District Chairmen

NED: Peggy Boyd 

NWD: Linda Hamilton 

SED: Scarlett Ebenhack

SWD: Phyllis Robertson

LED: Sharon Pervo


Objective: To educate GFWC/OFWC Members and Communities about the importance of International relationships and global topics. Motivate club members and their communities to promote positive International relations and encourage our members to become better work citizens through advocacy, education and action.


Ideas: Take part in International festivals, celebrations and parades; invite foreign visitors and non-citizen resident to attend club meeting as guests, or as speakers to inform members about their countries.  Explore the ethnicity of club members and their travel experiences.  Plan a meeting to include international foods and facts about the countries represented.

  • Sponsor, or host Youth Exchange Students while in the U.S.A., or sponsor U.S.A. students who wish to travel to other countries.

  • Observe the International Day of Peace, also known as World Peace Day, on September 21st.  Ring church, school or all other bells in the community coordinating with the 10 A.M. ringing of the PEACE BELL at the United Nations.

  • Observe World Food Day on October 16th for awareness of world hunger.  Support a local food bank or soup kitchen.

  • Participate in GFWC Partnership programs.

GFWC International Outreach Partners 

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