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Linda Jones


Junior Chairman:

District Chairmen: 

NED: Jackie Lody

NWD: Sharon Franklin 

SED: Lisa Hedrick

SWD: Sue Adams 

Growing Membership ~ Success is best when it’s shared… Howard Schultz

OBJECTIVE: To recruit new members, retain our current membership and create excitement amongst the TEAM to achieve success.

PLAN OF ACTION: In the world of Bees...Teamwork and Organization, are essential traits in strengthening & growing the hive; the same traits are necessary to growing membership and our future. Finding new members and retaining our current membership contributes to the overall success
of your club, OFWC and GFWC.  


For all of you important Busy Bees…How can you help grow our future, strengthen our hive and encourage others to BEE-come part of our amazing TEAM?

  • Getting new members takes enthusiasm, creativity, determination and a very good plan.

  • Use Social Media, Facebook & LinkedIn, newspaper, brochures, and word of mouth is effective to create awareness. 

  • Talk about your club by telling others who we are, what we do and let them know how they can help and make a difference.

  • Create a Membership Recruitment Committee.

  • Hold a Recruiting Event to entice, encourage & enlist potential members.

  • This is an ongoing Action Plan, it takes follow up, much enthusiasm knowledge of GFWC.


  • This is an ongoing effort and begins the moment a new member joins your club.

  • Embrace self-reflection – have an open & honest look at your club.

  • What keeps your members coming back or NOT coming back?

  • Ask your members what’s working or NOT working. Have your Officers share what they think is going well or NOT.

  • Conduct an Orientation Program for new members or hold a GFWC Federation Program – this informs members of current GFWC Information.

  • Do your members feel appreciated or needed?

  • Recognize your members, highlight team projects & provide opportunities for ALL members to participate in projects.


Membership & Growth is a TEAM thing - it's something to BUZZ about...Let's get Busy!

G ~ GFWC R ~ Rewarding O ~ Ongoing  W ~ Welcoming T ~ Together H ~ Have FUN

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