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                                 Membership is the “Force” that holds our Clubs together!
May the “Force Be With You” and all of your Club Members:





OBJECTIVE: To retain our current members.

REASON: Quality volunteers are the “Force” that holds our organizations together. Without our
volunteer club women, nothing would be able to be accomplished.


** Do a Member Satisfaction Questionnaire to evaluate your members satisfaction with the club’s meetings, projects and other activities.

** Recognize and Reward Your Members. You can celebrate your member’s service with a variety of GFWC membership pins. Have a special celebration recognizing their years of service where these pins can be presented.

** Members are more likely to remain in a club that has a positive and fun atmosphere. Positive words mean a lot! “Your Contribution to this project helped to make it happen.” “Great job; you made us all look good.” “Your efforts are really making a difference”. These are just a few of the positive comments you can give to your members.

** Make it easy for your members to renew their membership in your club each year. When it comes to paying club dues, make it as easy as possible. Let them know how much their dues are, and set a specific meeting where these dues can be paid.

** When your members do something, extra special let all of your club members know about it. Recognize a special “Star” or “Jedi” at each meeting, celebrating their accomplishments or acts of kindness.

OBJECTIVE: To welcome new members into our clubs.


** Develop a Recruitment Team. Get together with your experienced members to create a volunteer recruitment team. Meet with this team at least once a month to discuss any open volunteer positions, what types of people you’d like to fill them, any existing personal connections, and do some general brainstorming. Make it a fun team event by providing some favorite snacks and consider having an activity or game that you collectively enjoy doing to help keep things fun! Use the GFWC Membership Advancement Guide to help you in this process.


** Ask Potential Volunteers Directly. Volunteering is voluntary, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be asking people if they’ll help to fill a specific role in your organization. Many people actually prefer to be asked directly for their help. They may not be sure where to start with volunteering or whether they’re the right fit for your club. You can invite prospective volunteers out for coffee or invite them to a special event that your club is holding. Let them know that you think they would do a great job and that you’d be honored to have them as a member in your club. Asking someone in person will usually give you a better idea of how they really feel about the opportunity to join your club.

** Create Fun and Specific Job Titles. Having transparent volunteer role descriptions will make it easier to attract new members. The fun job titles can shed light on the great opportunity they could experience by being a member of your club. You could even simply add a fun adjective to the volunteer role to spice it up a bit. Try to make these opportunities as much about your volunteers as possible. You cause may be what resonates with the values of these potential volunteers, but how you make them feel after the first encounter is what will determine their staying power!

** Create Short-Term Project Teams. You might think that recruiting members for long-term projects will help you retain volunteers, but this actually could backfire by creating burnout or fear of “too much work ahead”. When you have a short-term project, potential volunteers can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This may help motivate your volunteers to do their best work.

** Provide a Simple Questionnaire. Providing Volunteers with a simple questionnaire can help them learn something about themselves through answering the questions (their strengths, weaknesses, skills, volunteer preferences, etc.) while also providing you with important information about them.


** Remember to aim for the “Stars” when looking for new members. Successful clubs expect to find the best new members and so they go looking for them.

CONTEST: Over the next two years for every new member you recruit your name will be entered into
a drawing for a chance to win four one day park hopper tickets to Disney World to see Star Wars, and all of the other amazing Disney attractions. The tickets will be drawn at the Convention in 2020. Good
Luck, “Always have a few Jedi mind tricks on hand to get things moving”, and “May the Force be with

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