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Communications and Public Relations 

Chairman: Ruty Patterson                                                                                  District Chairman:  

                                                                                                                           Northeast: Debbie Weaver                                                                                            Southeast: Mary Lou Jones 

                                                                                                                           Southwest: Verna Joy Heaney

                                                                                                                           Northwest: Earlene Kilpatrick 

                                                                                                                           Lake Erie District: Pat Groble  

 Junior Chairman:                                                                                         

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As volunteers we have the opportunity to reach out to the public and engage members of our community. These are perfect occasions to let them know who we are and what we do.  We should take the time to talk about our clubs, projects we are involved in, and let them know about GFWC.  

  • GFWC is our brand and should be included in all printed materials, articles, pamphlets, etc.  Include the GFWC logo as much as you can. Appropriate use of the logo can be found in the GFWC Stylebook resource folder under “S” in the Member Portal Digital Library.

  • Remember to use the proper name of your club, by including GFWC and your state, followed by the name of your club.  Do this with all your correspondence.

  • The official name for our organization is GFWC/Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs.




  • Every club should have a Communications & PR person or committee.  Some of the responsibilities include submitting articles and photographs to your local newspapers, maintaining an active social media page, and monthly contact with the GFWC Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs Facebook page.

  • Send news and photographs to our GFWC Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs of what you are doing and projects your club has completed and found rewarding.

  • Include your website address in all your correspondence. Share it with other organizations such as your Chamber of Commerce or local newspapers as a resource for potential new members.  Remember to include a link to and

  • Encourage members to subscribe to the GFWC News & Notes, and if possible,

print a few copies and bring them to your meetings to share with members.

  • Your club newsletter is a great way to keep your members informed and engaged. Encourage them to share the newsletters with potential new members.




  • Your local media outlets are the best way to get your club recognized.  Submit interesting articles along with photographs of your projects to your local newspapers. This can be done via email. Check out their Society or Community page for more information as to how to submit your articles.

  • Get to know your local radio or television personalities by inviting them to speak at one of your meetings.  Make that connection with your media contacts.

  • Post meeting information at your community centers or even in church bulletins.

  • If your local school system or cable station has a public forum, ask to be interviewed for their program.  Smile and report about how well your club is doing!

  • Ask for permission to post about fundraisers, projects, or meetings at your local grocery stores, libraries, schools, etc.




If your club doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account…This is the number one quickest way to get your club recognized and recruit potential new members. Designate at least two members as co-administrators for the account.Keep your page fresh by including great photos and quotes from members doing what we do best…volunteering! Let the public see you having

  • Challenge your members to submit “selfies” of themselves at a club event.

  • Recognize your members on their birthdays with a photo and birthday message.

  • Post articles about your club that have been printed in your local newspaper.

  • Ask members to “share” your club’s social media page on their personal accounts.


Check gfwc.ohio for print materials that can include your club’s logo and information on business cards, stationary, and brochures. Visit the GFWC Club Manual for more information

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