GFWC Ohio’s President’s Message

Dear GFWC Ohio Club Women, What a humbling, awe-inspiring, exciting and energizing experience this has been. I can’t thank you enough for putting your faith and trust in me by installing me as your President. I will always be grateful for the confidence you have in me. Your support has been un-wavering; from my clubs membership in the Internet Service Providers, and Boardman Poland Junior Women’s League, my districts, the Northeast District and the Southeast District, my friends, my mentors, Past State Presidents, and you, that sit in those chairs year after year and believe in this Federation. You have encouraged me, pushed me, laughed with me, cried with me and today you honor me by installing me as your 61st President. For the next two years it is my honor to represent you, the members of the Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs.


I have been contemplating my thoughts to share with you on this special evening for at least a year. I have come to one conclusion and that is, that this is one of the only times that I will have a chance to tell you how I really feel about you, about this Federation and about the last 120 years. Think about it, we meet at Fall Conference; there we talk about reporting, and the business of our state. I will see you at convention but there too we also work on the business that comes before us. So, tonight is my time to talk about you the members, not only what you do for the state, and your communities but what you should and need to be doing for yourselves. You make me proud to know all of you. You are so special, every single one of you.


“I am in the presence of ______________”, how would you end that statement? The members of my family know the answer, do you? Every Thursday evening when my son, Dan was playing high school football, the Touch Down club would make a spaghetti dinner for the players, coaches, trainers and cheerleaders. After dinner, their motivational coach would encourage the teammates by yelling, “I am in the presence of ____________________”. Those kids’s believed every single motivational thought that this coach gave them. Every Friday night the team would run out on the football field and believe that they were the best team and they were there to win! “I am in the presence of ____________”. Think about that sentence, we will come back for the answer.











The theme for the 2018-2020 administration is: The Memory of a Day, Holds the Key to Tomorrow

The administration pin is a circle of stars, at the top is the GFWC logo and GFWC Ohio below. The heart is cutout and in the center is a red, white and blue heart with the key that “holds tomorrow” with the memory of today.


The President’s Special Emphasis will be called, Operation: Culinary Canteen and the USO will be our benefactor.


The USO of Northern Ohio currently travels to installations during drill weekends to serve lunches and breakfasts to the troops. Foil trays are purchased from Sam’s Club. The food put into the trays is cooked the night before by volunteers, placed in the trays and then refrigerated. The food and supplies are hauled to the site in the back of a van and warmed up on tables using Sterno or in crock pots and roasters borrowed from volunteers. As an example of the equipment issues, the National Guard unit in Brook Park has a stove, but it is not connected. 

A food truck / mobile canteen or food trailer capable of hauling equipment, a grill, and a convection oven, warming oven, and refrigerator would greatly help us be more effective in delivering this program to the troops. Last year we served over 400 meals, in 2018, we hope to increase that by 50%. Next year, we hope to be closer to 1000 or more.

A logo-wrapped mobile canteen would also be used as a show of the USO’s support at public events. Mobile USOs expand service delivery by offering the military members and their families the same first-class service and programs provided at stationary centers, but in the field during trainings, predeployments, and homecomings, and throughout the military locations in our service area. Whether it’s an Air Wing returning from the Middle East, a Coast Guard cutter departing to Caribbean operations, or troops in Toledo in need of some barbecue, a Mobile USO will be there to offer our legendary USO hospitality.

For the next two years, I am asking the OFWC members to stand behind this worthy cause. Ladies, the USO in Ohio needs our help. I can see it now, our Culinary Canteen on the highways and byways of Ohio, with a logo of our Ohio Federation on the side of the vehicle. This vehicle will be serving our military that protect our very liberty with their lives. We will be seeking grants, corporate support and most of all club support. We can do this! The possibilities are endless! The members of our military in Ohio who honor us with their service, deserve this.

So, there you have it, our goals for the 2018-2020 administration. Oh, wait! We still have to answer my question? “I am in the presence of ___________________ (greatness). Yes, you are my greatness!
Because I know the secret to a happy life is unselfish giving. And you my friends are the most unselfish people I know. Yes, I am in the presence of GREATNESS! You, the members of the Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs are the GREATNESS. We should be proud of our accomplishments but at the same time, we must not rest, we must continue on because there is someone who needs our comfort and support. I believe that we are the BEST TEAM and you have to believe too!


"The future depends on what you do in the present."
Mahatma Gandhi

Yours in Federation,
Linda Crish
GFWC Ohio President 2018-2020

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