GFWC Ohio’s President’s Message

Dear GFWC Ohio Club Women,

What a humbling and exciting experience this has been preparing for this office! I cannot thank you enough for putting your confidence and trust in me by allowing me to represent you as your GFWC Ohio President. I would not have been able to do this alone; I have so many to thank for the continuous support and encouragement. I want to thank my family and my friends who stood by me as I embarked along this journey. I have had many mentors along the way. I thank everyone who encouraged me, supported me, and helped me in any way. I want to thank my club, GFWC Wintersville Woman’s Club, Internet Service Providers and all their members, the Southeast District, my friends, my mentors, Past State Presidents, and the GFWC Ohio membership for your love, your encouragement, your support and the faith you have in me. Thank you for the privilege to serve as your GFWC Ohio President.


Never did I ever imagine I would be a state officer, let alone State President, when I joined the Wintersville Woman’s Club 15 years ago. Now, I start this new journey as President, and I’m excited. While we are all disappointed that the convention needed to be cancelled, we understand that it is for the safety and health of our members and our community. You are all great women who do great things within this community. Many people and organizations depend on your club. I appreciate everything your club and you do for the state of Ohio. Some community programs would not be running without your support. While we are all practicing social distancing, let us think of ways we can help from inside our homes and our hearts. With that being said, I am excited to share my theme and plans with you for this administration.


The theme of the 2020-2022 Administration will be “Feed our Future”, and the symbol will be a wicker basket filled with vegetables. The theme will encompass all age groups and help to provide food to children, low income families, the elderly, cancer patients, and those individuals who are food deprived. My goal is that individual clubs will have programs, create awareness, plan fundraisers and projects to raise funds, and volunteer in their communities. The money raised will stay in your community, to provide assistance and develop programs in your area. The clubs can start food banks, food pantries in schools, establish soup kitchens, and partner with other organizations to provide food to those in need. Be creative! I am very proud that we can and will make a difference throughout the communities in Ohio. I know we will make a difference because our members are awesome.


The theme: “Feed our Future” can be two-fold and encompass our membership issue as well. We have lost members over the years, which is not uncommon with organizations. We have had dynamic leaders over the years; this administration will continue that tradition. Fundraising will be done on a state level during district and state events, with the money raised during these events to be used to promote membership and establish new clubs throughout the state where none exist. We have to advance with the times; my door is always open to suggestions (or my


My pin is a wicker basket filled with vegetables. The Administration year is printed on the handle, the theme along the rim, and the GFWC logo in the center of the basket with GFWC Ohio below the logo.


You honor me by installing me as your 62nd President and allowing me to represent you, the members of the Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs, for the next two years.


I look forward to working with all the clubs in all the communities. My plan is to visit every club in the state and work with you to make a difference in GFWC Ohio. I’m looking forward to visiting your club and getting to know your members. Together we can make a difference.



In Federation Friendship,

Marjean Sizemore 2020-2022 GFWC Ohio President











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