Jeannie Chaney 
Penny Speyer    

District Chairmen 

LED: Esther White 

NED: Barb Savarin

NWD: Kim Williamson

SED: Roetta Lewis 

SWD: Kathy Combs 

Arts in the Community Objective 

Art awakens the senses. Art opens the heart and mind to possibilities and fuels the imagination. Art is a process of learning to create ourselves and experience the world in new ways. Art supports the bigger picture view of life: beauty,symbols, spirituality, and storytelling, and helps us to step out of time, allowing one to be present in the moment. Art keeps the magic alive.

   Community                            Focus 

  • Host a Club Member Bus Trip to Visit a Local Landmark, Winery, Art Gallery, or Famous Home.

  • Make Plans and Put Together a “Sip n Paint” Event with proceeds to benefit the GFWC “Ohio Room” at GFWC Headquarters.

  • Donate to the GFWC/Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs Annual Arts and Crafts Auction at Convention to support the GFWC Capital Campaign. Get Your Districts and Local Clubs to donate Ohio themed Baskets/Items

  • Visit a Local Nursing Home, Take/Donate Supplies, and Do a One on One “Hands on” Art Project with Residents.

  • Sponsor a Dance Team at a Local Dance Studio or Group at a Local Performing Arts Theatre Venue.

  • Showcase Artistic Talents of Club Members and Juniorette Members at Monthly Meetings or Club Events.

  • Promote and Create Awareness for “Youth Art Month” During the Month of March by Awarding Scholarships in Schools to Students, GFWC Ohio Juniorette Girls/Clubs, as well as Supporting Youth Art Shows.

  • Collect Donated Musical Instruments for Students in Local School Bands, Orchestras, or Organizations.

  • Have a Program with Performances by Local Students – Vocal, Instrumental, or Theatrical

  • Support Your Local High Schools Bands, Choir, and Play Performances by Attending as a Group, Working Their Concession Stands, Taking Out Advertising, or Providing Refreshments.

  • Promote Quality Art Programs for Children, Adults, and Groups with Disabilities.  Sponsor a Themed Party along with Refreshments, and a “Hands on” Project.  Make it Fun!

  • Sponsor Your Local GFWC Ohio Juniorette Club to Attend a Local Dance, Movie, Play, or Theatre Performance.

  • Promote Music and Musical Events/Plays and Purchase Tickets for Children/Young Adults to Attend.

  • Host a Local “Women in the Arts” Program and Invite Artists to Set Up and Speak at Your Monthly meeting/event.

  • Create More Awareness for Art Education in Schools and Adopt a Classroom. Promote the Arts and hold a Fun “Hands on” and Learning Project.

  • Volunteer Your Time or Your Club’s Time at a Local Art Gallery, Museum, Art Venue, or Arts/Crafts Show.

  • Support Local Culinary Arts Projects – “Taste Events,” Cooking Schools, Featured Chefs, and Local Restaurants.

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